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At Merin Engineering Services we provide a wide range of high quaity power tools, hand tools, and cutting tools of some of the most top renowned brands around the world such as Hikoki, Yato, Uryu, etc. Our Passion for generating the best customer experience has what led us to be the leading engineering service provider in the general market tool industry of Pakistan. The best customer experience is delivered through our 3S service: 1. Sale: Customers are able to procure a variety of branded tools and equipments from us, including drills, hammers, cutting and grinding discs, diamond saw blades and other abrasives. 2. Service: Our best qualified engineers can repair any worn out part of the product. 3. Spare Parts: We offer spare parts for almost all the tools and equipments that we sell, enabling our customers to easily maintain their purchased product.

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DEWALT 4-Piece T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Case

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