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We move people and goods, connect vertical and horizontal transportation systems, and enable the shaping of sustainable urban landscapes – now and in the future.

As the exclusive agents of Schindler (world’s leading provider of vertical transportation products) since 1952, we install, commission, and maintain its high-quality elevators, escalators, and moving walks while keeping a keen focus on complying with the European safety standards so that we could provide our passengers the safest and most comfortable mobility experience during their journey.

What makes us different?

At Merin we value safety, not only for our passengers but also for the employees. Safety is one of those core values that we cannot dare to compromise on. A strict routine of ‘Safety Walks’ and ‘Tool Talks’ is followed on weekly basis to ensure that all operations at every project is being carried out with utmost safety and care

Safety is ensured through 2 stages of inspection process:

SAIS (Schindler Acceptance Inspection Standard):

SAIS is carried out before handing over any unit to the potential (valuable) client. Each elevator, escalator, or moving walkway goes through the SAIS Inspection process before it can be deemed safe for handing over to the client for public use.

CPSI (Confirmation of Periodic Safety Inspection):

Our highly qualified technicians conduct safety inspections after every 1 Year and 5 Years of the most critical parts of the unit to ensure that the installed elevator, escalator, or moving walkway is still in the same condition as it was when handed-over to the client.

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